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Cake smash / Pre birthday

Cake Smash / Pre birthday Photography

Capture the joy and excitement of your little one’s upcoming birthday with our Cake Smash and Pre-Birthday Photography Session. This unique and fun photo shoot is a wonderful way to create lasting memories and document this special time in your child’s life. you can have a look of our Cake smash / Pre birthday gallery 

There’s a moment in every child’s life that parents eagerly await – their very first birthday. This milestone marks a year of growth, love, and endless joy. To celebrate this special occasion, many parents have embraced the trend of “Cake Smash” and “Pre-Birthday Photography.” Our creative and heartwarming photoshoots capture the essence of childhood exuberance and create lasting memories for both parents and the birthday child.

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Welcome to Avanthika Studios Baby Photography, located in Hyderabad, India. Our expertise lies in capturing moments of childhood, including Kids Photography, Newborn Photography, Baby Bump Photography, Baby Events Coverage, Maternity Photography, and Infants Photography.

We are passionate photographers dedicated to crafting lifelong memories. Our clients hold a special place in our hearts, and we strive to produce cherished memories that span generations. We capture these precious moments in our state-of-the-art studio, the comfort of our clients' homes, and outdoor location.

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Krishnastami Photography

Are you planning to dress up your baby as Lord Krishna but you are not sure. Your child is comfortable, especially if you are planning for a photo shoot.Kids Costume Do you want to see how your kid looks in Lord Krishna costumes!!! So what are you waiting for?


Christmas Photography

A Christmas Baby is the best Christmas gift a mom can ask for. Book your Newborn photoshoot from Our Studio. We are the best in Hyderabad for baby photography studio. Our Staff professionally trained call us to Book your Slot Now.

Our Baby Photography studio space is a functional, beautiful, and authentic setting, as are the furnishings. If you are looking for a stylish yet artistic open-concept space then we are sure to satisfy your expectations.

Baby photography is a specialized genre within the realm of photography that focuses on capturing the precious moments and milestones of infants and young children. The objective of baby photography is to document the fleeting stages of a child’s early life, creating lasting memories for parents and families to cherish.

One of the key considerations in baby photography is timing, as the age and developmental stage of a child significantly impact the style and nature of the photographs. The best time for baby photography is often divided into several stages, each with its own unique charm and photographic opportunities. Baby photography captures the precious moments of your child’s early years. The best time for baby photography is during the newborn stage (within the first two weeks) or around 6-8 months when they start sitting up. Whether you prefer the serene and sleepy newborn photos or the active and interactive shots of older babies, each stage has its own unique appeal. Experienced baby photographers in Hyderabad can guide parents in choosing the right time for their baby’s photo session, ensuring that these precious moments are beautifully documented for years to come.

Booking a baby photography session in Hyderabad is a straightforward process, and there are a few simple steps to help you secure a session with a professional photographer. Here’s a guide on how you can book a baby photography session in Hyderabad:

Research and Selection:
Start by researching baby photographers in Hyderabad. You can do this by asking for recommendations from friends and family, searching online directories, or browsing through photography websites and social media profiles. Take your time to look through their portfolios and reviews to get an idea of their style and expertise.

Contact the Photographer:
Once you’ve identified a photographer whose work you admire, get in touch with them. You can usually find their contact information on their website or social media profiles. Reach out through email, phone, or direct messaging to express your interest in booking a session.

Discuss Your Requirements:
During your initial conversation with the baby photographers in Hyderabad, discuss your expectations and requirements. This includes the age of your baby, your preferred style, location (studio or outdoor), and any specific ideas or themes you have in mind. Your photographer will guide you through the process and provide insights to ensure your vision aligns with their capabilities.

Schedule the Session:
Work with the photographer to select a suitable date and time for the session. Keep in mind that newborn photography is often done in the first two weeks of life, so if your baby is very young, it’s important to schedule the session early. For older babies, you have more flexibility in choosing a convenient time.

Preparation and Communication:
In the days leading up to the session, communicate with your photographer about any specific preparations you need to make, such as outfits for your baby, props, or any other details. This ensures that the session runs smoothly and meets your expectations.

Enjoy the Session:
On the day of the session, arrive at the agreed location (studio or outdoor) with your baby and any items you’ve prepared. Follow the photographer’s guidance during the session, and relax as they work their magic to capture those precious moments.

Booking a baby photography session in Hyderabad is an exciting process that allows you to capture and cherish the early moments of your child’s life. Communication with your chosen photographer is key to ensuring that the session is tailored to your unique preferences and needs.

Baby photographers offer customizable packages that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Absolutely! We encourage parents and siblings to join in for heartwarming family portraits during the session.

We recommend bringing baby essentials, your baby’s favorite toys, and any special props you’d like to include. Our photographer will discuss specific details with you beforehand.

The ideal time for baby photography is typically during the first two weeks for newborns and around 6-8 months when they start sitting up and showcasing their adorable milestones.

Yes, we welcome your creative ideas. You can discuss specific themes, concepts, or visions with our baby photographers in hyderabad, and we’ll work together to bring them to life.

Your baby’s safety is paramount. Our baby photographers hyderabad are trained in newborn safety, and we maintain a clean, sanitized environment. Safety is our top priority.

We have a collection of adorable outfits and props, but you’re also welcome to bring your baby’s favorite attire for a personal touch.